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Emergency Policy



This policy is to assist the library and its patrons in planning for emergencies or disasters that might occur. The appropriate people to be called in the event of an emergency or disaster:


Library Director                                    Jerry Gilliland                            712-839-2326

                                                                                                        Cell 370-0701


City                                                      Marilyn Rubel                           712-829-2211


Town                                                   David Wagg                             712-829-2613

                                                           Zeb McFarland                         Cell 370-3732


Board President                                    Charmla Carpenter                   712-829-2449

Viking Center                                       Mickey Anderson                      Cell 370-0037


Off-site services to be called (if needed) in the event of a disaster:


Fire Department 911,  Police 911,  Sheriff 911,  Ambulance 911



In case of fire, make certain the library is empty. Fire extinguisher is available in the south end of the lobby on the west wall. Call the fire department from a nearby phone, and exit the building using the South entrance.

Move away from the building


In case of tornado, make certain, the patrons are directed to the lobby and to the stairway leading downstairs. The library director will check rest rooms and various parts of the building.


In case of a medical emergency, call for an ambulance.


Depending upon the circumstances of an emergency or disaster, the librarian in charge will notify the appropriate people, and stay w/ the underage patrons until an adult/guardian comes to pick up those patrons.


Emergency telephone numbers should be posted near every phone.


Fire extinguishers should be inspected regularly by the person in charge of building maintenance.

In the event of a hostile situation, the librarian on duty will lead all patrons of the library into the storage closet until all clear from emergency personnel is given.

Dated and signed 7-3-2014

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