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Electronic Access Policy

Stanton Public Library

Electronic Access Policy


The Stanton Public Library provides computers for public use, allowing access to the Internet, the Library’s online resources, Microsoft Office software, and children’s stations. Wireless access to the Internet is also available. 

Disclaimer: The Stanton Public Library is not responsible for the content on the Internet or any of its subscribed databases. This includes changes in content from library-linked sources. Availability of information does not constitute endorsement. 



  • Internet computers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is a thirty (30) minute time limit for those patrons playing games (just passing the time). If no one is waiting patrons may stay longer. If a patron has been waiting thirty (30) minutes they will take the computer that has been in use the longest. Minors using the computers may be monitored.
  • A valid Stanton Public Library card number is not required to use the Internet computers. 
  • Time on the Internet computers is limited to three (3) hours per day, per library card account. 
  • No login is required to use the children’s computers. 
  • The library is not responsible for any damage or loss of data arising from using library hardware or software. 
  • Only computer equipment and software owned by the library and previously installed may be used on the library’s computers, with the exception of patron-owned flash drives. 
  • Library staff are available to answer basic computer questions but cannot provide in-depth computer training. 

            · Patrons wanting to save files or other data should bring an appropriate storage device. 

  • The library does not provide flash drives for use. 
  • The library does not provide email addresses. 
  • No personal programs can be downloaded and no personal files or programs can be saved to the library’s computers or network. 
  • Adding, deleting, or modifying already installed hardware or software is not permitted. 
  • Patrons are discouraged from accessing or sending personal information, such as credit card numbers, banking information, or social security numbers using the library’s computers. 
  • Printing is available. Cost is $0.10 per page and is only available in black and white. 
  • There is no guarantee the library’s computer network will be available. 
  • The library upholds the rights and responsibility of parents and legal guardians to determine and monitor their children’s use of the library’s computers. 
  • Privacy on the library’s computers is not guaranteed. 
  • The library reserves the right to end a computer session at any time for any reason. 


  • The library’s wireless network is available for anyone with a personal device capable of connecting       wirelessly. 
  • Patrons must understand how to configure their own devices in order to access the library’s wireless network. 
  • The library upholds the rights and responsibility of parents and legal guardians to determine and monitor their children’s use of the library’s network. 
  • The library cannot accept liability for any risk taken by patrons who choose to connect their personal device to the wireless network. 
  • Wireless printing is available. Cost is $0.10 per page and only available in black and white. 
  • The wireless network is an open, unsecured network. There is no guarantee it will be available. 
  • Privacy on the library’s network is not guaranteed. 
  • The library reserves the right to block access to the wireless network at any time for any reason. 


  • ·Library computers and wireless access should not be used for unlawful activities, including, but not limited to:
      o Harassment of, libeling, or slandering others
      o Accessing obscene, unlawful, and/or inappropriate content
      o Destruction of, damage to, or unauthorized access and/or alteration of the library’s computer equipment, software, or network.
      o Use of electronic information networks that in any way violates city, state, or federal law.                         
  •    o Use of electronic information networks that in any way violate licensing and payment agreements between the library and network/service providers.                                                                                                           o  Illegally using copyrighted material. 
  • ·Violations of this policy’s regulations may result in loss of access to library computer resources. Disciplinary actions will be handled the following way: 

  o Library staff will warn patron of the violation and request they end their session.

    o If patron ignores the staff, the session will be ended for the patron by the staff. 

     o The Library Director will be notified.
  o When staff believe illegal activity has occurred, the police may be notified.




  • Patrons without a valid Stanton Public Library card number have to sign in to use a computer. 
  • Each library account is limited to a total of three (3) hours of computer use each day. 
  • Library Director can help with the following:

      o How to start programs on the library’s network and computers

                o How to save and print files
      o How to print from the Internet
      o How to use a flash drive on the library’s computers 

oBasic troubleshooting issues, including, but not limited to:
  §When a webpage does not come up
  §When the computer is not connecting to the network                                                                        §When monitors, keyboards, or a mouse is not working 

  • Staff should let patrons “drive” the computer. When a patron needs assistance, the library staff person will instruct, but not do the computer work themselves. 
  • Staff should limit assistance with medical, legal, and tax information. Staff can help patrons get to the websites they need. 
  • Staff cannot provide in-depth computer training and should be aware of the amount of time they are assisting patrons on the computer. 

            ·Staff can terminate a patron’s session on a computer at any time for any reason by: 

        o  Giving the patron notice their session will be ending.
        o  If behavior is the issue, staff will give one (1) warning.
        o  If the behavior continues, or the warning is ignored, staff will turn off the computer and tell the patron to leave the library.                                                                                                                                                 o           Staff will notify others of this action. 











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