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Stanton Public Library Policy



Board of Trustees:

1. All Board Members shall be bona fide citizens, over the age of 18, and

residents of the Stanton Community School District.

2. Terms: All terms shall be for six years each, except to fill vacancies.

3. Vacancies: A board position shall become vacant if the trustee moves

permanently from the city, or is absent from six (6) consecutive regular board meetings,

except in the case of illness or temporary excused absence from the city. Vacancies

shall be filled by appointment of the mayor with council approval, and the new trustee

shall fill the unexpired term for which the appointment was made.

4. Powers and Duties: The board shall have the following powers and duties;

1. Officers: Meet and elect a president, vice-president, and

secretary/treasurer from its members.

2. Responsible for Library: Take charge, control, and supervision of the

public library, its appurtenances, fixtures, and rooms containing the


3. Direct Affairs: Direct and control library affairs.

4. Librarian: Employ a librarian and fix the librarians compensation.

5. Other Employees: Authorize the librarian to employ assistants of

employees necessary to maintain the library properly.

6. Removal: Remove the librarian, assistants, or employees by a twothirds

vote of the board.

7. Select Library Materials: Select or authorize the librarian to select, and

make purchases of all library materials and supplies, within budgetary

units set by the board.

8. Non-resident Use: Authorize the use of the library by non-residents of

the city.

9. Funds: Have control of the expenditure of all funds allocated for library

purposes by the council, all monies belonging to the library.

10. Gifts: Accept and control the expenditure of all gifts, devices, and

bequests to the library.

11. Rules and regulations: Make and adopt, amend, modify, or repeal

rules and regulations for the care, use, and management of the library,

and prescribe penalties for the rule violations.

12. Record: Keep a record of its proceedings.

13. Historical Association: May make agreements with local county

historical associations when applicable, to set apart room for care for articles of

historical or educational interest in the possession of the association, and purchase

with library funds such materials necessary to preserve and protect such articles.

5. Power to Contract: The board may contract with other board of trustees of free

public libraries and any school, corporation, city, township, county, or trustees of any

county library district for the use of the library by their respective residents. Such

contract may be terminated at any time by mutual consent of the contracting parties, or

by a majority vote of the electors represented by either contracting party.

6. Non-Residents Use Of The Library: The board may authorize the use of the

library by non-residents by:

1. Terms Of Loan: Lending library materials to non-residents on the same

terms as to residents of the city.

2. Depositories: Establishing depositories of library material to be loaned

to non-residents.

7. Library Account: The council shall appropriate from the general fund a library

account to be used for the operation and maintenance of the library. Expenditures shall

be paid only on board orders, the warrant-writing officer is the city clerk.

8. Annual report: The board shall submit an annual comprehensive report to the

council after the close of the municipal fiscal year.

9. Open Meetings: All meetings of the library board shall comply with the

regulations stated in chapter 28.A of the code of Iowa, as amended.

1. Special board meetings can be held anytime at the call of the president.

2. The board and librarian will meet monthly.

3. Three of the five members must be present to make a quorum.


1. Books and other circulating materials may be checked out for a 2(two) week


2. Items may be renewed for an additional 2(two) weeks.

3. Reference books such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, and other

books not containing a card may not be taken from the library. An Exception is an

old set of encyclopedias which may be checked out for a period of 1 (one ) week.

4. The library will be part of the inter-Library loan program.

5. The library will belong to the Open Access program.

6. Audios/videos materials may be checked out for 1(one) week.


1. Must be registered with the library, free of charge or registered with an Open

Access Library in Iowa.


1. No fines are accessed. Donations will be accepted.


1. Selection of books and/or other library material shall be made on the basis of

their value of interest, information and enlightment of all people of the community. No

book and/or material shall be excluded because of the race, sex, nationality, or the

political or social view of the author.

2. The selection shall be regarded as the function of the librarian.

1. The librarian shall develop/adopt and administer collection policies to

build an up-to-date collection.

2. The librarian shall develop procedures for selections, acquisition,

maintenance and weeding of materials and equipment with the approval of

the board.

3. Books donated will be given the same consideration as books


Special Collection

1. Swedish Corner-The library has the right to accept or refuse any or all Swedish

books or items.

2. Iowa selection- The library has the right to accept or refuse any or all books

based on Iowa.

Problem Patrons

1. Abuse of library privileges will result in a warning by the librarian or whoever is

in charge. Continued abuse may result in suspension of some or all privileges at the

discretion of the librarian.

Schedule Of Hours Open To Public (Summer Hours)

1. Monday 2 - 5:30 p.m.          Thursday 2 - 5 p.m.

    Tuesday 2 - 5 p.m.              Friday 2 - 5 p.m.

    Wednesday 1 - 6:30 p.m.     Saturday 8 - 10 a.m.

Sunday Closed

Schedule Of Hours Open To Public (School in Session Hours)

2. Monday 12 – 5 p.m.            Thursday 12 – 5 p.m.

   Tuesday 12 – 5 p.m.             Friday 12 – 5 p.m.

   Wednesday 12 – 6:30 p.m.    Saturday 8 – 10 a.m.

Sunday Closed

The library will remain open during story time on Tuesday morning as arranged.

3. The library will be closed on the following holidays.

New Year’s Day Labor Day

Memorial Day Thanksgiving

Independence Day Christmas

4. The library will close early on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

5. If school is closed due to weather of road conditions, the librarian will decide if

the library will be closed or open.


Books are withdrawn on the following bases:

1. Unnecessary items, outdated materials, books no longer of interest or in

demand, worn or damaged books.

2. Local history and material on local industry are an exception, and will not be

subject to this rule and will be considered on individual bases.

3. Magazines are discarded after 3(three) years.

4. The library shall retain the right to dispose of weeded material in any way

which may be deemed proper and feasible.



1. Age-a minimum of 18 years shall apply to all full time or permanent part -time


2. Education- a good general education shall be the basic standard

requirement for all potential staff members.

Job description:

1. Works with the board.

2. Orders books and library materials.

3. Catalogs, classifies, and processes all computer library materials.

4. Handles library public relations.

5. Recommends lending and circulation rules and procedures.

6. Determines the extent and type of reference service to supplied.

7. Supervises the physical upkeep of the collection and property of the


8. Plans and implements all library tours and programs.

9. Works with board on preparation for budget and goals.

10. Serves at circulation desk.

11. Registers borrowers.

12. Keep circulation records.

13. Collects and records fines.

14. Answers reference questions.

15. Repairs library materials.

16. Orders ILL requests.

17. Keeps library neat and in orderly appearance.

18. Opens and closes library.

19. Keeps Open Access records.

20. Any other duties which may be needed in relation to the Library.


Salaries are paid by the City Clerk through the library on the 1st(first) of every month.

The librarian keeps a record of hours worked. Deductions include IPERS, income tax,

and social security. Salaries are reviewed annually by the board.


Vacation - one week paid vacation following 1 (one) year employment. 2 (two)

weeks paid vacation after three years.

Holidays - paid holidays 6 (six), New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th,

Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas

The library will close early Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

Personal Days may be taken if the librarian has someone to work at the library

and pays the wages.


Stanton Public Library Policies

Adopted by the Board of Trustees

dated and signed



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