Your Library Card

Anyone can get a library card.

To receive a library card you must fill out the card form with your name, current address, home phone number, work phone number, county, e-mail address if you have one, and whether you live in town or in the country. If you are under 18 years of age you must provide your birth date and your parent/guardian's name. If you are under 18 years of age and are in the fourth grade or above you will be asked if you want to use the on-line public computers. If you do, you must have a signed Parent Permission Slip.  The Librarian catalogs the information into the computer and files the card in the card index to be kept in the library. If you need a card to use in other libraries, the librarian will make a copy for you to take with you.

Borrow from another library

Our library is connected to other libraries throughout the state and nation. If you can't find an item in this library, ask library staff to help you get it from another library.

We will search for the item and let you know when it arrives at our library.  Generally speaking you may keep the item from 2-4 weeks. As long as this service is not abused, there is no fee for it. This is a great way for Iowa’s libraries to share their resources and make many more materials available to our patrons. If this service is something that you would like to take advantage of please contact us. The interlibrary loan program helps the library meet the needs of patrons. 


Use a Computer

The library has public computers with Internet access. This describes what we have and how to use them.

Use of Stanton Public Library Access Computers:

  • 9 internet computers and three notebook PCs are available for public use. Students must sign the Internet Users Policy to use the new computers.
  • The computers are located in the main room of the library
  • Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows XP and iMac OS X V. 10.7.4
  • Each person is allowed 30 minutes. If no one has reserved the computer and if no one is waiting you are welcome to use it
  • The computers do not have filtered internet access
  • Any adult may use the computer free of charge. Youths and older may use them with a signed parental permission slip.



Faxes may be both sent and received

There is a $.50 charge per page

The fax number is 1-712-829-2570

The fax machine is turned on only during library hours

The service is available at the circulation desk and must be accessed by staff only